Mars a lively neighbor? Are there any signs of life?

Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun and bears striking resemblance to Earth. It has about the same rotation period, has seasons, had atmosphere and frozen water at the polar caps. Due to this, it has often been speculated that life exists or at least existed on the red planet.

As Mars has a near non-existent atmosphere and magnetosphere, solar winds deem life at the surface impossible to survive. However subterranean life 7 meters under surface may still survive as radiation is limited there.

Water is present on Mars but due to low atmospheric pressure not in liquid form. Instead it is present on the poles as ice caps with dissolved carbon dioxide.

Research suggests that liquid water may be present in low lying geological formations, when the Martian season becomes warmer and ice thaws. The presence of water in liquid phase has been supported by formation of seasonal canals on Martian terrain.

It is known that there are organisms on Earth that can thrive on extraterrestrial environments such as that of Mars. The answer to life on Mars can only be answered by time and advancement on technology.

Article publié pour la première fois le 05/10/2012

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