Watch which is also a USB

This world has become much digitalized. Now we don’t need to carry a pen and a note book to write things down, to write our thoughts down, to write what we feel when we see something imagine. Now we all have smart phones, in which we can take notes, we can write our feeling and share it with the world by just a click of a button and take a picture of anything that attracts us but it seems that what we do need, is a USB drive.

It seems we need a USB drive almost every day, either to receive data from someone or to give date to someone. It’s a real pain to carry one on us all the time and irritating if we don’t have it when we need it. USB is so important because we can transfer everything in it, either it be a movie, songs, presentations or even pictures.


There are some USB drives which may look cool and funny but we cannot carry them everywhere. I absolutely love this USB watch as it shows us the time and also is USB that is convenient to carry. All we need to do is connect it for 10 minute to have it charged for a week and whenever we plug it in it syncs to the computer time. They also look good and give us the good habit of always wearing a watch. As we all need a watch and cannot take out our mobile phones everywhere to look at the time they are also very useful, so basically we are getting two things done with just one thing.

Article publié pour la première fois le 18/10/2012

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