Wear the Right Shoes!

‘’Give the women right shoes and she will conquer the world.’’- Oprah Winfrey

We all witness women entering every field of life and this trend is changing their needs and requirements regarding everything, including shoes.
Previously, women used to prefer stilettos while going out but over time this trend has changed because in today’s hectic and fast life style heels fail to match the pace. Stilettos are no longer a practical option because they are not very comfortable to walk in. They are being replaced with pumps and canvas shoes which are very comfortable to walk in.

They are available in huge variety of colors and designs. They are formal and fancy both. Most importantly, they keep the feet in very good and comfortable shape. They protect feet from sun tan as they cover the exposed part of feet and keep the nails dirt free. They allow women to run around doing all their work easily.

Pumps are easily available in leather and fabric. Some are plain and formal while others have broaches, glitter, sequences and bows attached. They are either pointed or round toe.

Due to their practicality, they have erased stilettos from the lives of modern, urban women and have confined stilettos to be worn only at weddings or formal occasions. Pumps are the ‘’right’’ shoes for the fast and moving women of today and so they are the ‘’right shoes’’ for today’s women to ‘’conquer’’ the world.

Article publié pour la première fois le 11/02/2012

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