What Are the Best Teams to Play in FIFA 13?

The FIFA game franchise recently made headlines around the gaming news portals with the release of FIFA 13. While European fans of the game instantly started squabbling over the ratings that teams from their respective countries received from the guys responsible with developing the game over at EA, the situation for North Americans is possibly somewhat more complex. How does one navigate among the many teams and clubs? Are the ratings truly reflective of reality? And, most importantly, which are the best teams that made it into the game? We took a look at the clubs’ ratings and drew up a list of clubs that will provide you with the best FIFA 13 gaming experience.

Inter Milan

Italy’s best team made the charts with a rating of 244. The team is helmed by 87-point player Wesley Sneijder and prominently features star players Diego Milito, Walter Samuel and Antonio Cassano. Perhaps the coolest thing about this team is that it garnered the strongest rating in the game, save for three higher-rated nationals. And that’s no small feat, we believe.

Manchester City versus Manchester United

Much like in real life, these two teams are featured as totally tied on FIFA 13. Their point of contention is star player Robin van Persie, which City failed to buy, while United managed to. David Silva, Sergio Aguero and Yaya Toure are the City’s best players and Silva is definitely not one to overlook. Meanwhile, van Persie scores 88 in FIFA 13 rating points – impressive, yet still behind Nemanja Vidic (89) and Wayne Rooney (89).


The Germans are always a top choice when playing soccer games, and together with the Italians, are one of the most popular selections among soccer-game.com casual online soccer players. A massive franchise such as FIFA could not have possible overlooked this and consequently rewarded Germany’s national with a whopping 250 point rating. Of the team’s initial eleven players, Jerome Boateng is the only one whose rating falls below 80 (he’s worth 79 points, to be more specific). To boot, the team also features four players worth over 87 points.

There are lots of other great teams to play in FIFA 13, among which it’s worth noting FC Bayern Munich (251 points), FC Barcelona (252 points), Real Madrid (253 points) and, of course, the Spanish national (257 points). However, it’s not all about ratings. While they manage to provide an accurate snapshot of the quality of gameplay each team will provide, the latest addition to the FIFA game franchise roster is a game intelligent enough to accurately depict each team’s playing style. The Germans are much more technical than the Spaniards and the Italians – albeit perhaps not as spectacular. At the top, it’s all a matter of personal preference after all.

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