What Body Type are you?

In order to be fashionable, you first need to answer one of the most basic questions; what body type are you? Experts have identified the three typical body shapes, the classic apple, pear and hourglass. However, fashion gurus have recently identified 12 types of body shapes which can your key to looking great. An awareness of your body type can help you decide the type of clothes and accessories you wear, and bring out the gorgeous you. According to these critics, different body types include the following.

  • Skittle: You have the long slim top with a rather unflattering fat bottom and legs. Vertical patterns, long coats, fitted long skirts and chunky heals are just about perfect for you.
  • Lollipop: You have a long slim torso and legs. You should wear bell bottoms to balance out your shoulders, gatherings on your fitted dresses with elegant stilettoes.
  • Column: You are the freakishly tall and unshapely one, but not to worry. You can mostly carry off almost anything, but your focus should be on pleated shirts, mostly chiffons complemented with a sophisticated pair of heels.
  • Bell: You’re the usually small one, with a rather round bottom. You main focus should be to make your shoulders appear broader to balance out your figure. Chiffon kaftans or funnel shaped coats would be the perfect apparel for you.
  • Cello: This is more or less the same shape as the hourglass, but with less curves. V-neck shirts and paneled skirts can help you reduce the appearance of your bottom. Wedges would help you add the needed height to your body while giving support to your legs and making the most of your beautiful ankles.

Therefore, by just following these simple guidelines, you can make the most of your body shape and look absolutely stunning.

Article publié pour la première fois le 04/03/2012

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