Seasons come and go,winter is almost done with its time and spring is just blooming around. Colors change with the season and bring along an aura with them. The boring and dull colors are gone, so say good bye to all the grays, browns, blacks and say hello to the vivid and energizing colors. This spring is all about eye appealing colors. So girls, get your wardrobes with the flashy color.


This spring we have Tangerine Tango topping every color. If you aren’t a huge fan of Tangerine, then get ready to see it everywhere as this spring tangerine is going to be popular among accessories, clothes and even furniture.




Yes ladies, another bold color. This spring is all about hot and bold colors. This fluorescent color is going to light you from top to bottom.



Adding an other color to the family of fluorescent colors is Kelly green. You will find anything you like in this color so don’t forget to pick up this color while shopping.



No season is complete without a touch of pink and the wardrobe even needs a little touch of pink every season. So all those pink freaks, there is a whole lot of pink bling your way this spring.



To soften the colors a bit mint is on our list on spring colors as well. Get a tinge of mint and stay minty. The pastel color looks vibrant with the fluorescent colors, so play around with the colors and be trendy.



These colors are the spring colors of this year, to be in the fashion and follow the trends its not necessary to be dressed in these color, you could use these color any where, be it your kitchen wall, the sheets on bed or even the color of your nails or cufflinks. Don’t forget to be creative and be stylish in your own ways!!!


Article publié pour la première fois le 15/02/2012

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