What is art really about?

For most people when they think about art, the only thing that comes in their mind is a sketch of some sort or just another drawing.

Art doesn’t just offer you a picture it rather offers the imagination of many people and a feeling which they can’t describe through words but rather an image. Every artist has a story he wishing to tell and he uses the means of a pencil to draw the body and fills the hollow parts in it with lots of emotions using the help of colors. When one truly learns how to explain their emotions with a pen, a beautiful story is created in an image, which normally would take a thousand words to explain.

There are days when a person feels angry or sad. Art can be used as a medium to take it out. People basically draw or write their feelings.

It is also a way for the people to see things differently than rest of the world. Like if an artist wants to show the feeling of an old man, the things he has to do which can be anything from the marriage of his daughter, or the mortgage payment of his home or any other things stressing and pushing him down, the artist can draw a picture of a old man carrying a huge boulder to tell this.

Art is not only of drawing or painting; it can be anything from writing a rap song to writing a poem and even drawing or painting a picture.

Article publié pour la première fois le 26/10/2012

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