What is your favorite entertainment?

Monotony is boring. Stagnation is death. Yes, even in the world of entertainment.

All of us have seen media evolving and changing its dimensions. We have seen channels change and increase. We have seen production companies grow. Actors coming and vanishing. We have seen stars being made and then fading away. Similarly, people once fond of television switched to cinema, cinema goers switched to DVDs, DVD buyers downloaded torrent! Things change because they have too. Lets have a look at the most accessible entertainment options you are available with.

Television is one! Best part is variety. Keep flicking channels and you have a thousand worlds to see. From news, to drama, to music, to movie! Everything is available in that one glass screen.

Cinema is another. Once in a week or twice in a month, it is a good entertainment, if you are fond of watching movies. It gives a change. You make a plan, go out, watch a movie, dine out! So it’s an overall outing compared to sitting in the lounge and changing channels.

Internet would be another! You can chat and play games! You can work and research. You can choose to access any files you want.

Books are still man’s best friends. Reading a book is the best thing that you can do to get peace! Every book takes you to a next level and a new life. Although, many people are not fond of this ‘entertainment’ but you should give it a try, if you are bored of others.

Article publié pour la première fois le 21/02/2012

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