Why Do People Overeat?


People eat when they feel the pangs of hunger or when they are in a party mode. However, there are those who frequently eat more which leads them to obesity or suffer from other health problems. One of the possible reasons why people head to the fridge is because of their personality. Each person has a particular need even when it comes to food which is what drives them to eat in between meals.

There are other reasons why people overeat and some of these reasons are listed below.

  • Socializing – If you often socialize with your friends you will most likely be eating with them as well. You can remedy this by suggesting other activities aside from eating to your friends.
  • Boredom – There are some people who eat when they are bored. The lack of physical or mental stimulation drives them to spend the hours munching on food instead.
  • Decompressing – People overeat because they are too busy to make time for their personal life. When problems arise, food is always sought after.
  • Mindless Eating – Not everyone keeps track of what they eat especially when they have too much on their plate. In order to avoid mindless eating drinking water or perhaps chewing on a gum can help you determine whether you are hungry or not.
  • Food Rush – Busy people often rummage around their fridge to find food that can give them a burst of energy after a long day at work. Coffee and snacks with sugar are among those that are often sought after. The best way to sustain your energy levels throughout the day is to eat small meals in order to keep your blood sugar at the right level.
  • Eating Habits – Another reason why people overeat is because of their eating habits. If you grew up eating everything on your plate even when you are full, it can contribute to pounds adding to your weight. Again, it is best that you break down your meals into smaller ones so you will sustain a full stomach throughout the day.
  • Comfort – There are those who eat because they are emotional. They are the ones who don’t talk about the things that are going with their life but instead deal with them alone by eating. This isn’t healthy and can be a source of problem in the long run. The best way to deal with this is to seek help from family and friends or even a therapist to ensure that you are not risking your health mentally, emotionally and physically.

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