Why keeping pets can be good for you?

People are generally divided into three categories when it comes to their affinity towards pets; cat-person, dog-person, zoo phobic. No matter what type you are, however, keeping pets, loving and nurturing them can actually be good for you, according to recent studies. Pets are usually domestic animals like cats, dogs, rabbits, parrots, hamsters, goldfish, turtles etc.  Any animal which is kept for the sake of companionship and enjoyment opposed to livestock can be termed as ‘pet’.

So why keep pets?

  1. 1.       Pets can amplify your mood

Pets can be an undeniable source of comfort and can, hence, improve your mood and temperament. When you stroke a cute cat and it cuddles you back, it always gives a soothing effect. Studies show that people who keep pets are at a lesser risk of suffering from depression than those who don’t.


  1. 2.       Pets help curb blood pressure

Research shows that pet owners have less blood pressure and heart rates. This eventually decreases the need to take prescribed medicine. It also helps to reduce cholesterol and fat buildup levels.


  1. 3.       Pets combat the feeling of loneliness:

Pets are excellent companions. All they would demand from you is food and comfort, nothing else. So it’s basically a “take once-and give all” relationship from the pet point of view. They provide the ever-elusive “unconditional love”; being the best listeners and best secret keepers.


  1. 4.       Pets= longer life!!

Studies show that people who have kept pets in their lifetime tend to have longer lives too as they are less prone to anxiety disorders, depression and other heart related problems.


  1. 5.       Improved social skills:

People who keep pets tend to show better social skills among their fellow human friends too. Especially children who grow up in homes with pets tend to be more respectful and generally empathetic. 

Article publié pour la première fois le 04/03/2012

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