Why Men Cheat: Top 5 Reasons Explained

Men have many reasons why they cheat on their girlfriends or wives and unfortunately, this is a very common phenomenon nowadays. Throughout the centuries, women have struggled to understand why men cheat on them and how they can prevent their husbands from doing so. Communication is certainly the key to solving these issues and preventing them from occurring in the future. Meanwhile, here are the top 5 reasons why men cheat:

1. For Validation Purposes
This is undoubtedly one of the most common reason why men (especially older ones) cheat on their wives. When they reach a certain age, some men start to doubt their physical qualities – when that happens, they are looking for validation, something to confirm their attractiveness. Most guys choose to cheat just to confirm the fact that they are still attractive and they can still do it. In other words, this happens for ego boosting purposes.

2. Because Their Sexual Life Is Unsatisfying
Men have more sexual appetite than women, and that is a known fact. At a certain point, every couple confronts with problems related to intimacy – for instance, when the woman goes through menopause, her sexual desires are significantly reduced. This is why some men choose to seek pleasure somewhere else, just to satisfy their needs.

3. Constant Arguments At Home
For some couples, love does not last forever. Every long-lasting couple has confronted with several arguments and fights throughout the years, and that is perfectly normal as long as this does not happen on a daily basis. However, for other couples arguments are part of the daily routine and this is why men choose to “seek comfort” somewhere else.

4. Because It Happened Before
This is one of the main reasons why men cheat on their wives. If it happened once, it is very likely to happen again, sooner or later. Why? Because the wife has forgiven this mistake too easily in the past, and for this reason some men tend to believe that they can do it again and get away with it. However, this is not always the case!

5. Because Of The Thrill
Last but not least, another common reason why men cheat is because of the thrill that extra-marital affairs involve. Nobody likes routine, especially when it comes to sex – for this reason, some men are looking for unique sexual encounters to help them turn their fantasies and hidden desires into reality. Generally, this happens when the wife is not willing to satisfy certain fantasies.

Article publié pour la première fois le 12/11/2012

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