Why sandals?

Sandals are very easy to wear and comfortable choice for winters and summer both. They keep your feet covered, protecting them from sun light and dirt. They also give a good grip to your feet and make walking easy. Flip-flops are available in variety of styles and designs. Lets have a quick look at what sort of shoe range is available for you in sandals to choose from.

2011 brought with it a touch of Roman era into the sandals with ‘’gladiator’’ style. These sandals covered the front foot leaving the toe behind, and covered the ankle with a zipped back. These were not only easy to walk in, but they came in very stylish and modish designs.

Sandals that resemble flip-flops have always been favorite among young girls. They look very fancy and smart by just covering the toe but the grip of the foot is maintained with a buckled back. Flip-flops are hard to walk in as they are loose but when they come in with sandals, they not only look nice but are also easy and comfortable to wear and walk in to. Sandals studded with different color beads and gems help you match them with different kind of clothing.

Many sandals come with long straps that you can tie up your ankle and give you a very classy and elegant look. You can wear them with skinny pants or long skirts. They are also very wearable as they maintain a good grip on your foot.

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