World’s Top 5 Self-Made Female Billionaires

Each year Forbes publishes its list of the world’s richest people and hundreds of thousands of us go through the list searching for individuals who made it big all on their own. Most people want to know about the self-made billionaires not only because their stories of getting at the top are so much more interesting than the accounts of heirs and heiresses whose claim to riches were their ancestors but also because we can all more closely relate to them. There is nothing more inspirational than to know of a person who against all odds secured the top spot for him/herself. This is all the more exciting when we read about the successes of the fairer sex as there are very few female billionaires who reached the exclusive club without the help of an existing family fortune.

Here in this article, we celebrate the top 5 self-made female billionaire!

1. Oprah Winfrey

Oprah lived her childhood in acute poverty, often wearing clothes made out of potato sacks. Today she supports one of the biggest philanthropic efforts in the world to educate young, marginalized girls. With her net worth increasing everyday, Winfrey currently stands at the 400th place on Forbes list of Billionaires and first on our list of the top 5 self-made richest women with a $2.4 billion to her name.

2. Doris Fisher

The founder and owner of the Gap store started her journey to the top in 1969 when the first Gap outlet was inaugurated. Today she is the 374th richest person alive and the second richest self-made woman in the world with a net worth of $2.5 billion.

3. Zhang Xin

Having spent her childhood in a grim, 5-story building she pushed her way through 12-hour shifts at a local factory during her teenage to finally save enough money to fly to Britain, qualify for scholarships and earn a degree from Cambridge University. After experimenting with a career in journalism, Xin entered the property business never to look back! Currently, this 44 year old’s fortune exceeds $2 billion making her the 488th richest person alive and owing to the strength of her character rather than her riches the third most influential self-made female billionaire.

4. Margaret Whitman

Having worked for Disney and StrideRite, Whitman reluctantly assumed the role of the head of a tiny auction website. That very small e-firm with a reluctant CEO became the auction giant that we today know as eBay making her gather a fortune worth $1.3 billion fortune.

5. J.K Rowling

Once she didn’t have enough to keep her children warm and fed; today she ranks among the top richest self-made women of the world and she owes it to the little boy with a lightning scar on his forehead. Yes, Rowling has come a long way from her days of poverty and is today the only living person to have become a billionaire by writing books. Rowling’s current net worth stands at a whooping $1 billion.

Feel inspired? You should be! Listen to the voice of your heart and remember that no matter what the odds might be, nothing and no one can stop you if you’re hell-bent to succeed!

Article publié pour la première fois le 25/02/2012

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